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A brief glimpse into everything which embodies the festival.

Antony Bailey, General Manager, and Activities Coordinator for the British Isles Music Festival.

“During the last few years, I have helped to run a charitable classical music festival. Young musicians from around the world, many on scholarships, have come and studied with some of the world’s top-performing classical musicians and professors. The students have a demanding public performance schedule of up to four concerts a day and work incredibly hard.

In 2022, thanks to the significant contributions from my company Whitestone Media, we created a film about this course and its positive impact on participants”.

Video created by Whitestone Media.

Sponsored by:
Philip Carne MBE, The Spoff’s Scholarship Fund, Kenneth Jinghwa Hsu
, MCA, John Jeffrey MBE, Shirley Jeffrey and Marley Common Friends of BIMF

Philip Carne MBE