The British Isles Music Festival is a residential master class and chamber music course  attracting exceptionally gifted high school and conservatory students from around the world, as well as young professionals. Musicians may apply individually or come as a ready formed group. The lower age limit is 18 and upper age limit  32.

The aim of the festival is to give young musicians intensive coaching, invaluable performance experience and the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of solo and chamber music repertoire. The team of professors are experienced performers and teachers in the top conservatories in UK and Europe. Students have classes every day with their professors for their chosen repertoire and technical advice,  and they receive chamber music coaching from various professors in preparation for the chamber music concerts, which are open to the general public. In 2019, 60 musicians attended from 25 countries and we programmed more than 130 works. The concert repertoire for the main Concerts Series will be determined by applicants choices and the constellation of musicians who take part in the festival. The Director contacts all applicants well in advance to discuss concert repertoire, allowing preparation time.  There will be four concerts each day for students to perform in:  1.00 Lunchtime Informal Concerts in the Llewellyn Room, in which students apply to perform during the festival, plus 2 formal lunchtime concerts in the Hall during the week, 4.00 Baroque Concerts solo and chamber works in the beautiful chapel, 6.O’Clock Duo Concerts in the Llewellyn Room and 8 O’Clock Chamber Music Concerts in the Hall. Concerts are video-recorded professionally.



A library of chamber music will be on site. The festival provides three experienced resident pianists who play for classes and concerts and a harpsichordist specialist who coaches and performs the Baroque repertoire with the students. The level of playing expected by the festival is conservatory and young professional. Most applicants already have some experience performing solo and chamber music and are aspiring to become, or are already, professional musicians. A number of scholarships and bursaries are available and are allocated on a first come, first serve basis and on consideration of the applicant’s financial circumstances and level of playing. These vary in amount and do not usually cover all the fees.  Classes vary in size. The violin class will be capped at 12, the flute class at 16, all other classes 8.  There is a purpose built music block and numerous classrooms providing excellent practise facilities. Those attending prepare solo works, duos and technical work for the master classes/lessons and selected chamber works for the 8pm concert series.