6pm Duos in the Llewellyn Room


8th August 2023    
18:00 - 19:00

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Philippe Gaubert Sonata No 3 for Flute And Piano                  
Cristian Segura Silva (Flute)
Francesca Carta (Resident Pianist)


Franz Strauss Nocturne Op.7 for Horn And Piano       
Alvaro Acosta (Horn)
Antony Ingham (Piano / Resident Pianist)


Theobold Boehm Grande Polonaise for Flute And Piano 
Lucy Kerby (Flute)
Daniel King Smith (Resident Pianist)


Gabriel Fauré Sonata No. 1 for Violin And Piano         
Angélique Martinet (Violin)
Antony Ingham (Resident Pianist)


Pierre Sancan Sonatine for Flute And Piano   
Hanna Wozniak (Flute)
Antony Ingham (Resident Pianist)


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1pm Formal Duo Concerts £5
4pm Baroque Concerts £5
6pm Duo Concerts £5
8pm Chamber Music Concerts £10.

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