The festival in brief

Who comes

International young musicians from high schools and conservatories
International young musicians on the brink and at the beginning of their careers
Experienced professors and teachers from UK and Europe
Experienced resident pianists and harpsichordist                                                                                               Composer in residence
Concert audience 


The art of listening – chamber music
Concert experience for young performers
Musical collaboration and communication
Technical and musical advancement


Daily master classes/tuition with established professionals
Chamber music coaching
Formal and informal daily young musicians concerts
Excellent environment and facilities for personal practice


To offer the participants:
Technical and interpretative help from established professionals
In depth analysis and interpretation of major works
Performance experience of complete major chamber works
Exploration and performance of unusual repertoire
A broader knowledge of works for wind, strings, harpsichord and piano
Increasing confidence in performance

Additional benefits

Meeting and performing with young musicians from 25-30  different countries
Connecting with professors from major conservatories in the UK and Europe

BIMF Outreach Programme launched in 2016. Ensembles from the festival who study and/or live in UK may apply for concerts and workshop engagements in local schools in Surrey.

Festival environment

Large public school surrounded by beautiful countryside
Relaxed atmosphere
Comfortable accommodation
Easy access to London