Schedule & Concerts


Registration will take place between 11am and 5pm Saturday 29th of July
Departure will be immediately after breakfast on Monday 7th of August.

Saturday  July 29th


School tour

Groups introductions 

Sunday July 30th

9am                             Opening of festival

10.00-6.30pm          Group rehearsals /Classes

Monday July 31st

9-12                             Chamber Music Coaching

2-4                               Classes                           Opening Concert given by the Professors

Thereafter Daily

9-12                             Chamber Music Coaching

11.00                           Informal Coffee Concert Llewellyn Recital Room

1pm                             Concert in the Hall

3.00-6pm                  Classes

6pm                             Baroque Concert in the Chapel

8pm                             Concert in the Hall

The timetable may be subject to change during the festival


Informal & Baroque concerts

Casual dress and free choice of repertoire. Any work and parts of works may be performed. Musicians sign up for these concerts and they tend to become full very quickly.

1pm & 8pm concerts

Formal – long black for women, dark suits, black or white shirts for men. Duos and chamber music repertoire must be complete works in the 1pm and 8pm concerts. These concerts are open to the general public.

All concerts are given by the participants apart from the Opening Concert given by the professors. There may be a combined student and professor concert during the week. This will not apply to to the pianists, as the side by side concert is held in the Chapel where there is not a piano. Four concerts are programmed each day: 1. Coffee Concert –  Informal, 2. 1pm Lunchtime, 3. 6pm Baroque,  4. 8pm Chamber Music Concerts. The chamber music groups are formed and the repertoire decided in collaboration with the Artistic Director well in advance, giving the musicians plenty of time to prepare their parts. A library is on site. Only programmed chamber music for the 8pm and 1pm concerts will be in the library. Students must bring all parts for duos, solos and unprogrammed chamber music.  Students will receive one to one, or class lessons each day with their professors and chamber music coaching from a number of professors for the concert repertoire. They will also have rehearsal time with the very experienced resident pianists.